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Mayor Mason and Foxconn Partner on Smart City Initiatives

posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Partnership will make Racine a hub of innovation that enhances quality of life and work for residents and businesses


City of Racine - Mayor Cory Mason, together with Foxconn Technology Group’s (Foxconn) executive leadership, today announced a partnership to pursue public-private partnerships to accelerate a shared vision for Racine as a ‘Smart City.’ The agreement, which Mayor Mason will submit for the Common Council’s approval tonight, builds on the “Racine Smart City Initiative” framework passed in February. Dr. Louis Woo, Special Assistant to the Foxconn Chairman and CEO, signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) on behalf of Foxconn.

Projects within the scope of the agreement include the development of strategic relationships with public and private organizations, academic institutions, or technology-based companies. Under the agreement, various partnerships will yield solutions for industry sectors such as public safety, transportation systems, public utilities, high-speed networks, and related infrastructure.

“Racine’s history is rooted in innovation. We are inventors, builders, and doers. To be successful in the 21st century and continue to innovate, we have to anticipate the needs of future entrepreneurs and create an environment that will attract innovators to the City of Racine,” said Mayor Mason.

“Partnering with Foxconn gives the City a unique competitive advantage. All over the world there is a Smart City movement happening, and both the City and Foxconn want to operate in that space. The City’s infrastructure combined with ingenuity of Foxconn sends a clear message to innovators and investors – if you have an idea, you want to be in Racine,” continued Mason.

Foxconn owns two buildings in the City of Racine – 601 Lake Ave, which will be a hub for Smart City projects, and One Main Street, named Foxconn Place Racine. The building will also be home to the Wisconn Valley Innovation Center, part of the AI 8K+5G ecosystem that Foxconn is building in Wisconsin.

Dr. Louis Woo said the Racine Smart City Initiative will be a great outcome for both parties and in line with Foxconn’s vision for a AI 8K+5G ecosystem.

“This initiative speaks to the core of what Foxconn is all about, and this partnership will cement a lasting legacy for the next generation of innovators in the City of Racine and beyond. I am excited to see projects get off the ground and start to take shape. I have no doubt that we will soon see some exciting stories of creativity, discovery, and success that will positively shape the future of Racine and Wisconsin as a whole,” said Dr. Woo.

Last month, the Common Council authorized the City of Racine to submit an application to the Smart Cities Readiness Challenge. Winning the challenge would officially designate Racine as a “Smart City” as well as give the City access to best practices in use of integrated technology and systems implementation, capital for specific projects, and consulting support from the Smart Cities Council. Only five cities in North America will receive the award.

On Friday, March 15th, the City was notified that it was selected as one of the 10 remaining finalists. The five winners of the Readiness Challenge will be announced on April 16th.

“I am excited about the opportunities the partnership with Foxconn and the Smart Cities Readiness Challenge presents. For our residents, my goal is to use data and new technologies to make more informed decisions and deliver better services. When it comes entrepreneurs, we want to be the City of choice for inventors and innovation. There is a lot of work to still be done, but we are making fantastic progress,” said Mayor Mason.

Racine Foxconn Smart City MOU 3-19-19

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