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Parking App Makes Parking Easier in Racine

posted on Friday, September 29, 2017.

New Parking App Makes Parking Easier in Racine

Starting September 30, 2017, Racine's new app for smart phones, PassportParking, will enable shoppers and visitors to Downtown, Uptown and West Racine to pay for and monitor their parking meters without an extra trip back to their cars.

The app, available for free from the iPhone App Store or from Google Play, can be used with a credit card or pre-loaded with funds so parkers don't have to worry about fishing around for spare change. Frequent parkers will benefit by loading the digital wallet, which provides a $0.15 savings on the convenience fee for each parking session. More information is available at .

The app also monitors parking sessions so that shoppers or diners can be alerted when their meter is low, and can extend time remotely - from the shop or from down the street, just using the app. Users also can receive receipts via email and view payment history for tax or business purposes.

The app will request a zone number - 5340, which is the same as the first four digits of Racine's zip codes - and a space number. Decals on meters indicate the meter number, and can also be seen through the street side of the window in the meter. The app will also ask for a payment method, whether a credit card or an electronic wallet. The app remembers your information.

The PassportParking app works for all city parking meters in Downtown, Uptown and West Racine, whether on-street, in a surface lot, or in McMynn parking ramp. Customers who park in 2-hour marked spaces will be able to extend their parking session to 4 hours; users parked in 4-hour spots will be able to extend to 8 hours.

"With the PassportParking app, residents and visitors have an easier way to pay for parking as they visit our stores and restaurants." says Mike Maierle, transit and parking system manager for the City. Kelly Kruse, Downtown Racine Corporation Executive Director, says, "Our downtown merchants are extremely excited to add this to the shopping and dining experience - no one has to leave a store or risk a ticket to take care of their meter. We are so happy to have this feature added to the meters!"

The app is also used in other Wisconsin municipalities, including Appleton and Green Bay, as well as many Chicago area communities.