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        Volleyball Schedules - 

        Monday Coed Volleyball

        Monday Women's Volleyball

        Tuesday Women's Lobster Volleyball

        Tuesday Women's Marlins Volleyball

        Tuesday Women's Shark Volleyball

        Tuesday Women's Stingray Volleyball

        Wednesday Men's American Volleyball

        Wednesday Men's West Volleyball

        Thursday Women's Jade Volleyball

        Thursday Women's Sapphire Volleyball

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          Thursday Men's Basketball

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          Wednesday Pickle Ball - 

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        • Youth Sports Schedule

          Boys Hoops

          Youth Basketball Boys Grade 2

          Youth Basketball Boys Grade 3

          Youth Basketball Boys Grade 4

          Youth Basketball Boys Grade 5

          Youth Basketball Boys Grade 6

          Youth Basketball Boys Grade 7

          Youth Basketball Boys Grade 8

            Girls Hoops

            Youth Basketball Girls Grade 2

            Youth Basketball Girls Grade 3-4

            Youth Basketball Girls Grade 5-6

            Youth Basketball Girls Grade 7-8

          • Play. Every day.

            The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department mission: to preserve our parks and open spaces and provide essential recreational programs and cultural services in a safe, professional, and friendly manner.  

            The department manages parks totaling over 1,100 acres, 5 community centers, and many other facilities to provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities. 

            Contact Information:

            Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department (PRCS)

            City Hall Annex Building: 
            800 Center Street, Room 127 
            Racine, WI 53403  

            Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:55 p.m. (Open Lunch Hour)
            Monday - Friday 
            262-636-9131 - PHONE 
            262-636-9277 - FAX  

            Contact Us Online

            Payment Information: PRCS accepts Visa and Master Card, cash, and checks for all registrations and program payments.

            WPRA tickets may only be purchased with Visa or Mastercard, or a cash payment.  

            Our Activities & Sports Hotline is a recorded message regarding cancellations for softball, volleyball, and basketball. The hotline number is: 637-7678 and is accessible 24 hours.  Other league information is available by joining our Facebook groups.