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      Youth Basketball Girls Grade 2

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      Youth Basketball Girls Grade 7-8

    • Play. Every day.

      The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department mission: to preserve our parks and open spaces and provide essential recreational programs and cultural services in a safe, professional, and friendly manner.  

      The department manages parks totaling over 1,100 acres, 5 community centers, and many other facilities to provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities. 

      Contact Information:

      Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department (PRCS)

      City Hall Annex Building: 
      800 Center Street, Room 127 
      Racine, WI 53403  

      Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:55 p.m. (Open Lunch Hour)
      Monday - Friday 
      262-636-9131 - PHONE 
      262-636-9277 - FAX  

      Contact Us Online

      Payment Information: PRCS accepts Visa and Master Card, cash, and checks for all registrations and program payments.

      WPRA tickets may only be purchased with Visa or Mastercard, or a cash payment.  

      Our Activities & Sports Hotline is a recorded message regarding cancellations for softball, volleyball, and basketball. The hotline number is: 637-7678 and is accessible 24 hours.  Other league information is available by joining our Facebook groups.