Fire Prevention Bureau

  • Welcome to the Fire Prevention Bureau!

    FPB Playground 3

    The City of Racine Fire Department provides for a Fire Prevention Bureau. The Fire Prevention Bureau is directly responsible for over 3,200 bi-annual fire inspections in Racine, Wind Point, and Elmwood Park in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes and and comm 14. These fire inspections cover a broad range of issues in each building. The more common issues covered include proper fire extinguisher, lighted exit signs, and general housekeeping. More specialized issues include looking at electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, hot water heaters, boilers, enclosures, flammable liquids storage, proper chimney flue connections, sprinkler system operation, fire alarm system operations, and clear aisle access to exits to name a few.

    FPB Playground 4The officers of the Fire Prevention Bureau are trained fire fighters, and Paramedics. In the event of an extraordinary emergency in Racine these fire fighters could be used to supplement the emergency response after other internal resources are exhausted.

    In addition to fire inspection duties, the Fire Prevention Bureau officers issue code enforcement letters, review building construction plans for new and existing structures for fire safety issues, pre-fire planning, and post fire cause and origin investigations. These services prevent fires and other problems from happening through routine enforcement and engineering.  

    FPB School 1One officer in the Fire Prevention Bureau has the sole responsibility to organize and conduct fire safety and education training for school aged children. This vital public education initiative includes life safety information, education, and resources to children in Racine on a variety of fire topics. We teach kids how to prevent fires, and what to do in the event a fire is discovered. We make about 20,000 contacts annually. Fire Safety education is in addition to regularly conducted fire extinguisher training classes for area businesses.