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Mollie Jones

District #2 - Alderman Mollie Jones

The Second District is located on the south side of Racine covering wards 3 and 4. It is roughly bounded by Lake Michigan, 21st Street, 11th Street and Holborn Street.

Sandy Weidner

District #6 - Alderman Sandy Weidner

Racine is my home; as it is to my three children and two grandchildren. This is where my roots are and hopefully my children's too... 

Raymond DeHahn

District #7 - Alderman Raymond DeHahn

I was born in Racine and I am a life long resident of Racine and Racine County. I am seventy-four years old and I graduated from St. Catherine's High School.

Terry McCarthy

District #9 - Alderman Terry McCarthy

Both I and my wife Jeanne are originally from Michigan. We ended up in Racine as a result of my job with Volkswagen...