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    Act 274 Landlord Tenant Policy
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    Landlord/Tenant Registration Form
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    Racine Water Utility, 2013 Consumer Confidence Report 
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    Racine Water Utility, Annual Report 
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    Racine Water Utility, Drinking Water Quality Report  
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    Racine Water Utility, Information on Lead in Drinking Water 
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    Racine Water Utility, Search Request Form 
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    Racine Water Rate 
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    Video Instructions for Homeowners Taking Lead Water Samples 
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    Payment Options

    Pay your bill automatically each quarter with your checking account  
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    Pay your bill with your credit card online  
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    Or go directly to the Official Payments website to pay my water bill.


  • Contact Information

    Phone: 262-636-9181 Fax: 262-636-3933
    Room: 227 (Annex)
    Address: 800 Center Street - City Hall Annex - 53403
    Bills and Invoices (Water and Wastewater)
    Meter Reading
    Water (Supply & Service)
    Water Meter Readings
    Water-Sewer Bills

    Water Main Breaks
    Phone: 262-636-9185

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