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  • Sex Offender Notification Meeting


    Four Armed Robberies on Nov. 20th
    reported over 2 hour time span..
    Person Claimed to be Water Utility Employee
    attempted to distract resident....
    Park High School Incident

      The Racine Police Department responded to Park H.S. this morning at about 8 10 A.M. for a report of a

    20 arrested in 6 weeks addtional suspects still active...
    Landlord Service Call Registration Service,

    The Racine Police Department is now offering a free service to provide notification of calls for service. A property owner may sign up to receive e mail notification when there has been a call for service at their address.

    Video dedicated to Wisconsin Police and Correction Officers
    Wisconsin Senate Bill 18
    North Shore Bank Robbery

      Video of North Shore Bank Robbery

    Home Safety Tips and Links

    Home Safety Tips  The following tips can help you keep your home safe Kickproof your door Your jamb is the weak point that will most likely fail when the door is kicked Use a 1 inch deadbolt and reenforced metal

    Non-Emergency Phone Number Change
    Racine PD enters joint dispatch


    The Racine Police Department serves the City of Racine in Southeastern Wisconsin with a population of 81,855 people. We are a department that has adopted the philosophy of Community Oriented Policing and has been a recognized leader in this area. Our Mission is to deliver the best community oriented police services to the people of Racine.  


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