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    Standings Updated 7-18-17


    Managers will receive a hard copy of the schedules and rosters when they are available. Players may view the schedules on the Cancellations and Schedule page.


    2017 bat lists have been updated. Please note that lists are subject to change. If in doubt about a bat, you are invited to call Renae Repta at (262) 636-9455 with any questions.

    2017 Adult Softball Legal Bat List

    2017 Adult Softball Banned Bat List

    Registration is closed.  

    Adult Softball Summer Manager's Handbook

    Adult Softball Registration Information 2017

    Registration form: Team Player Card 2016

    Deadline for Additional Players:   Tuesday, March 28  Additional Player Fee: $33.00

    PRCS reserves the right to place teams into appropriate leagues. REGISTRATION OF A TEAM GUARANTEES NIGHT OF PLAY, NOT LEAGUE! 

    League Play Begins:                         No games will be played on:

    Monday, May 1, 2017                          Monday, May 29 and Tuesday, July 4

    Games will be made up on your night of play.

    Men’s, Women’s, and Co-ed 12” leagues are to use: 12” Dudley SB-12RFY44 (Leather Optic Yellow Cover Only - No White Balls).

    Important Dates To Remember:

    Spring Softball Meeting     Wednesday, April 19     6:30-7:30 p.m.     Chavez Center, 2221 Douglas Ave.

    Bat Inspection                 Saturday, April 22        8:30-11:30 p.m.   Chavez Center, 2221 Douglas Ave.    

    Mid-Season Registration:             

    Thursday, May 25 – Thursday, July 6

    Maximum 4 players.

    Additional player fee of $33; you must submit proper fees, player cards, and signatures.

    Transfers:  See Manager’s Handbook.

    Injury Replacement:  An injured player may be replaced until August 1, or the last Friday of July if August 1 falls on a Saturday or Sunday. The following documents must be submitted to request a replacement.

    • DOCTOR’S written medical release.
    • Completed Player Release Form.
    • Replacement player’s signed registration card with fees.


    If you would like to make-up a softball game that has been rained out or postponed, please read below.

    Make-up games will be played Monday through Friday evenings at 8:40 pm, or on Sunday evenings at 4:05 p.m. or 7:45 p.m.

    You may choose any of these days/times as long as the date & time selected is available and your opponent is in agreement.

    No games will be made up after city tournament, unless the game has a bearing on the title. You must choose one of the options available to you during the season.

    League championships that result in a tie will be determined from season’s head to head game results.  


    Each team will be allowed two (2) postponements during the season.

    Paperwork must be turned into our office by noon on Tuesday the week prior to the game.  


    A team forfeiting a game will not be allowed to resume play unless their forfeit fee of $25.00 is paid before their next scheduled game.  Two forfeits in any league season will also disfranchise a team. 

    Team will be dropped from the league.  

    Practice permits: $5.00

    Permits available beginning April 1 (pending field conditions).

    Available on your team’s night of play, or Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Permits must be acquired in person.

    Available not more than one week in advance.

    One permit per team, per week.

    Managers are responsible for knowing the rules regarding: Eligibility, Residency, Registration, Transfers, Forfeits, Postponements, Protests,  AND THE CONDUCT OF THEIR TEAM/PLAYERS.  

    These rules are in the Rules and Regulation Handbook.  Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.


    Fall softball registration will begin in July. More information will be available in spring. 

    Registration Begins: Tuesday, July 18

    Registration Ends: Thursday, August 3

    Team Fee (Includes 11 Players): $588 (Recommended sponsor fee is $225, leaving $363 in player fees. 11 x $33 = $363)

    Must have a minimum of 11 players to register.

    Additional Player Fee: $33.00 Each

    Players may only sign up with one team per night of play.

    • Women's Monday night league limited to 7 teams.
    • Men's Tuesday night league limited to 2 leagues of 6 teams.
    • Coed Wednesday night league limited to 3 leagues of 6 teams.

    More information is available on the Fall Softball flyer:  Adult Fall SB Brochures

    Registration form: Team Player Card 2016


    To be updated as appropriate.


    Managers will receive a hard copy of the schedules and rosters when they are available. Players may view the schedules on the Cancellations and Schedule page.

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