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    The City of Racine, Department of Public Works Administration is responsible for administration of the activities of the Engineering Department, Building Department and Public Works Field Operations.


    The Engineering Department is under the direction of the City Engineer. The office is responsible for engineering and management of the City's network of streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, streetlights and other public infrastructure. The Engineering Department also oversees the operation of the Parking System and Mass Transit System.


    The Building Department is headed by the Chief Building Inspector. His staff includes plumbing inspection, electrical inspection, building inspection responsibilities and general property condition inspection through the Unified Neighborhood Inspection Team (UNIT).


    Public Works Field Operations include Solid Waste, Street Maintenance, Bridges, Traffic, Equipment Maintenance and Building Complex Divisions. The Solid Waste Division includes solid waste, recycling and yard waste. The Street Maintenance Division includes asphalt and concrete street repairs, curb and gutter repair, street cleaning, storm sewer maintenance, weed cutting, primary snow and ice control and Health Department Clean Up Orders. The Bridge Division includes the operation of the City's two lift bridges at Main Street and State Street. The Traffic Division includes parking, signing and pavement marking. The Equipment Maintenance Division includes maintenance of Public Works, Police and Parks Department vehicles. The Equipment Maintenance Division also includes management of the City's Centralized Fueling Facility. This facility provides fuel for all City-owned and operated vehicles. The Building Complex Division is responsible for maintenance of City buildings including City Hall, Safety Building, Library, Memorial Hall and the City Hall Annex.


    The Department of Public Works Administration Office consists of the Commissioner of Public Works, the Assistant Commissioner of Public Works, a Confidential Executive Secretary V, and a Clerk Typist II.


    The Commissioner of Public Works administers and directs the operations of these varied Departments. The Commissioner of Public Works is responsible for providing cost estimates and making recommendations regarding construction projects to the Common Council. The Commissioner of Public Works is responsible for preparing the operating and capital improvement budget for review and approval by the Common Council. The Commissioner of Public Works serves as a member of the City of Racine's Traffic Commission. The Commissioner of Public Works is also Secretary to the Public Works and Services Committee and serves on various committees as assigned by the Mayor and Common Council and acts as liaison between the City and State and Federal Agencies.


    The Assistant Commissioner of Public Works is given direct responsibility for the functioning of the Building Complex Division and the maintenance and operation of the City's moveable bridges. He also oversees the City's environmental remediation programs in compliance with State of Wisconsin Laws and Regulations. In addition, he administers and negotiates leases with tenants in City-owned buildings.


    The Department of Public Works Administrative Office handles administration and bidding of all Public Works contracts. The administration of these contracts, which must meet State Statute and Municipal requirements, includes:


        * Prequalification of qualified contractors. A database of approximately 400 contractors, including more than 30 different specialty disciplines, is maintained to ensure that contractors are reputable and qualified to bid City contracts.
        * Review of bid documents to ensure proper procedures are followed. All contract forms are developed, revised, stocked and distributed by this office to the various City departments for contract assembly.
        * Advertising for public bid openings.
        * Receiving public bids.
        * Reporting of bid results to contractors, contractors organizations, and various City committees.
        * Administration of contract progress payments, change orders and final payments.


    This office is also responsible for the following:


        * Press releases and advertising relating to Department policies, public services and bridge closures, development and processing of various permit applications for Block Party Permits, Street Closing Permits, Special Waste Collection, Solid Waste Service for Businesses and Service Organizations within the City of Racine.
        * Preparation of Public Works and Services Committee Agenda, Report and invitations to Committee participants.
        * Processing of various requests approved by the Public Works and Services Committee and Common Council, which include parade permits and the necessary application to the State of Wisconsin, Department of Transportation (DOT) for State Highway closures, application to the United States Coast Guard State Office for bridge closures, permission to hang banners on City property, and various requests for variations to City Ordinances.
        * Preparation and submittal of reimbursable expenses for the lift bridge program to the State of Wisconsin, which total approximately $500,000 annually.
        * Preparation of various State grant applications.
        * The telephone system for City Hall, Safety Building, City Hall Annex, and various remote City departments. This includes various contracts with local and long distance service providers, pay telephone contracts, processing new phone equipment requests, requesting repair, computing costs for telephone equipment for various City departments, invoicing and preparing requests for payment of same.
        * Invoicing for work performed by Department of Public Works' crews on: Weed Orders, Health Cleanup Orders, Snow on Sidewalk Orders and for any other Ordinance violations that are within the scope of the Commissioner of Public Works, fuel and oil consumption and vehicle maintenance services rendered by the Department.
        * Record keeping and preparation of statistics for Department operations.
        * Disseminating information to the public regarding Department policies and services provided; referring complaints from the public regarding various Department and City policies.
        * Payment of utility bills including water, electric and gas bills for all buildings under the Department's control.
        * Payment of solid waste, recycling, newspaper and compost invoices for services provided by various vendors.


  • Contact Information

    Commissioner of Public Works  

    Mark H. Yehlen - (262)636-9121

    Assistant Commissioner of Public Works/Operations

    Thomas M. Eeg - (262)636-9121 

    Location:City Hall Room 303
    730 Washington Avenue
    Racine, WI. 53403


    Hours of Operation:
    8:00 a.m. - 11:55 a.m.
    1:00 p.m. - 4:55 p.m.



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