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Mayor John Dickert 



John Dickert
City of Racine
730 Washington Ave
Racine, WI 53403

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John Dickert was elected in May, 2009 by the people to bring a vision to Racine, Wisconsin. The Mayor introduced to the City a 10 year plan – partnering with the community to build Racine into one of the “Best Cities in America” to live in within 10 years. One part of his vision as well as one of his first acts as Mayor was to create a budget with zero percent increases without sacrificing services or jobs.

One major asset Mayor Dickert believes Racine has is what he calls “our greatest natural resources and gems”; our lake and our river. Racine is home to the Best Tasting Water in America” and Racine’s lake and river water are rated as some of the cleanest in the world. Mayor Dickert seeks to make Racine the global leader in fresh water technology. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, and the U.S. Conference of Mayors Water Council. Currently he serves on Governor Walker’s Wisconsin Coastal Management Council which gives funds to communities seeking to implement coastal initiatives.

Reelected in 2011, Mayor Dickert has continued his mission of expanding businesses; create new partnerships and maintaining the city’s course of fiscal responsibility. The Mayor serves as Vice Chair of the US Conference of Mayors Metro Economies Committee and as the President of the Urban Alliance.

As a community member Mayor Dickert has been involved with such organizations as the Optimists Club, The NAACP, the Racine Zoological Society, St. Joseph’s Church, The Urban League, YMCA Youth Sports, the Downtown Racine Corporation and as a coach for Special Olympics.

“The future is ours to build, with our children as our mission and a better tomorrow as our focus.”


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