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Snow Emergency Restrictions Map (pdf)

Within 30 minutes of a Snow Emergency being declared, information will be broadcast on the public access channel Cable Access Racine 25 (CAR25).

City of Racine Ice and Snow Control Level of Service (pdf)  

Snow On Sidewalks Municipal Code Sec. 82-109  

Contact Information

Superintendent: Streets, Solid Waste & Bridges Division 
Bill Folstrom - (262)636-9126

Snow & Ice Removal  

When the snow falls and streets in the city become a challenge to drive on, the Department of Public Works crews start the battle of man and machine against the weather. The priority is to keep the streets safe and the traffic flowing. Our crews are highly skilled in snow removal and dedicated to meet the challenge no matter what Mother Nature should throw at them. They work long hours far into the night and spend much time away from their families to make the streets safe for the next day's travel. This winter when you see the flashing yellow light through your window and hear the sound of steel on pavement, give our crews a thought. Tomorrow's travel will be a little easier for you.   Snowplow  

Snow Emergency

What is a snow emergency?  

When weather conditions dictate a heavy amount of snowfall is imminent or is already falling, a Snow Emergency may be declared by the Commissioner of Public Works.

What should I do in a Snow Emergency?  

The greatest effect residents feel during a Snow Emergency is the parking restrictions on streets. Residents should limit their travels until plowing and salting crews have cleared the snow from streets. Residents should also stay tuned to their TV or radio for information regarding snow emergency information and changing weather conditions.

How are residents told about Snow Emergencies?  

The Public Works Department contacts the local news media including radio stations, newspapers and television stations. The information is then broadcast or published to residents.



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