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Municipal arboriculture is a specialized field of arboriculture and urban forestry that deals with the management of planted and naturally occuring greenspaces on public land in communities. It involves planning, planting, establishing, protecting, and managing public trees and associated vegetation.

We plant and manage trees because they provide significant benefits to our community. Among the most basic reasons for planting trees is for their beauty and the shade they provide. While these are excellent benefits, trees serve many other purposes. The following documents provide in-depth information and research about why trees are important:

 Midwest Community Tree Guide 

 The Value of Trees 

 Trees are Good - The Benefits of Trees 


Racine's Forestry Division manages the planting, pruning, removal and other maintenance needs of an estimated 33,000 tree sites located along  260 miles of streets. These street trees provide approximately $2,843,769 in benefits per year in the form of energy savings, avoided and sequestered carbon, air quality benefits, stormwate runoff reduction, and aesthetic and other benefits.

In addition, the Division is responsible for 7,000 trees located in managed/mowed portions parks, cemeteries, golf courses, and on other City-owned property such as Wustum Museum and the Racine Zoo. Forestry staff are trained to follow rigid safety standards. Whether planting a new tree or cleaning up after a major wind storm, the safety of the workers, the public and property are never compromised.

If you have a question or concern regarding a community tree, please contact the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department at 636-9131.


If you would like a community tree planted in the public parkway, please fill out a Tree Planting Application.

If you are a tree service provider and wish to perform arboricultural work (fertilizing, pesticide application, pruning, or other) on a public street tree, city ordinance requires that you first complete a Tree Work Permit Application.

If you would like to have waste wood delivered to your property please complete a Waste Wood Request Form. Please note that we only deliver to properties located east of the Interstate in Racine County and that there is a $75.00 delivery fee. In addition, there is a limited amount of wood available each year - please contact our department at 262.636.9131 prior to sending your application and payment to ensure that we are currently accepting requests.

If you would like to request delivery of wood chips, please complete a Wood Chips Request Form. We are only able to deliver to properties located east of the Interstate in Racine County. Delivery is on a first-come, first-serve basis as chips are available.  


If you would like additional information beyond what is provided here, one of the following external websites may be of use to you:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 

Emerald Ash Borer  

Wisconsin Arborist Association 

International Society of Arboriculture 

Tree Care Industry Association 

Diggers Hotline 

Tree Owner’s Manual   


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