Mound and Graceland Cemeteries - Racine, Wisconsin Rules and Regulations




It is the purpose of this page to acquaint the public with those ideals and objectives designed to maintain our city cemeteries as shrines of sentiment and beauty.

The cemetery authorities share with you the solemn obligation to make the cemeteries permanent and beautiful symbols of faith, love and devotion. Accomplishing these goals depends on the manner in which individual lot-owners beautify and maintain their plots in cooperation with cemetery officials.

The City of Racine reserves the right to adopt additional rules and regulations, or to amend, or repeal any rule, regulation or price, at any time and without notice.

 Individual Perpetual Care Fund

This fund was created by a city ordinance and is an irrevocable trust fund, consisting of monies donated by lot owners for the care of such lots. The earnings from this fund are applied to the individual lots for such special care as may be designated by the donor, such as the planting of flowers, watering of the flowers, and wreaths for the Christmas season. The amount of work performed on an individual account. The amount and kind of flowers planted will be determined by the Cemetery Supervisor.

Interest earned on each account is added to that account on an annual basis, and will determine the amount of work performed on an individual lot.

The Cemetery Commission shall establish the minimum sum that will be accepted for new perpetual care accounts.

The City Treasurer is the trust officer for this fund and is bonded to cover the faithful performance of the duties as Trust Officer. (See section S 30-81,"et seq.", Racine Municipal Code.)


Rules for Visitors

All persons are reminded that the cemeteries are sacredly devoted to the interment of the deceased and that strict observance of all proprieties due such a place will be required of them. The cemetery Supervisor and assistants shall cause the arrest of any offender of the rules and regulation of the cemetery grounds. Section 30-6 (b) of the Municipal Code prohibits persons from allowing dogs to be in any city owned cemetery.



Mound and Graceland Cemeteries are owned by the City of Racine and supervised by a Board of Cemetery Commissioners consisting of four citizens elected by the Common Council for a term of four years, and one alderman appointed by the mayor for a term of one year. No salary or other compensation shall be paid to any member of such board.

The cemeteries owned by the city shall be under the care of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services through an authorized supervisor designated by the Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services. The supervisor shall provide general supervision of the cemetery supervisor, and shall act as the liaison to the Board.

The Cemetery Supervisor shall have general supervision and control of the cemetery grounds, including all private lots, subject to the direction and approval of the Cemetery Commissioners and the Common Council.

The office of the Cemetery Supervisor is located at the main entrance of Mound Cemetery and serves as the general office for both Cemeteries. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. And from 9:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. on Saturday. The Supervisor is available Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M.

The Cemetery Supervisor shall have charge and care of the buildings and equipment, the selling of lots and graves, keeping of records of all interments and entombments, orders for work on private lots, and all funerals upon their entry to the cemetery.

All accounts must be paid to the Cemetery Supervisor at the office. Accepted methods of payment are checks, cash, credit card or money orders. Receipts stating what the payment was for will be issued. The Cemetery Supervisor will keep an approved system of books showing all receipts and disbursements of the department. At regular intervals the Cemetery Supervisor will remit all cash received to the City Treasurer.

All business should be transacted at the office with the Cemetery Supervisor or representative, such as placing orders for work, bills paid, complaints made, lost and found articles reported.



Persons desiring to purchase a lot or grave should visit the cemetery, where the Cemetery Supervisor or an assistant will aid in making a selection. After full payment is made. A deed, for Cemetery purposes only, shall be issued by the City clerk and signed by the Mayor.

All lots shall be sold subject to the cemetery rules and regulations including those rules and regulations which may be hereinafter passed by the Board of Cemetery Commissioners and Common Council, and the deed of conveyance shall so state.

No person shall purchase more than ten graves without the prior consent of the Board of Cemetery Commissioners.

No lots shall be used for any purpose other than for the burial of dead human remains and the placing of an appropriate marker as a memorial of such person.

The transfer of grave ownership to another party must be recorded at the cemetery office of the cemetery Supervisor before said party will be allowed the use of the lot or grave. No person will be recognized as owner or part owner of a lot unless his or her name appears as such upon the books of the Cemetery.

Persons desiring to allow the interment of bodies other than family members must secure a written permit for same, signed by the owner or the legal representative, and filed with the Cemetery Supervisor.

In the event of the death of a lot owner, ownership can be transferred via the owner's last will and testament. If the graves are not included in the Will, the next of kin may claim ownership via affidavit. In the case of minors, this must be done through a guardian.


Repurchase of Graves

Mound and Graceland Cemeteries does not repurchase graves. 


Privileges and Restrictions of Lot Owners

Proposed improvements to any lot or grave must receive the prior approval of the Cemetery Supervisor, who shall supervise such work as is approved.

The cemetery shall perform the general care of lots, such as mowing the grass and trimming shrubs and trees at its cost. The cost of all other work done by Cemetery personnel, at the request of a lot owner shall be paid by the owner. The Cemetery Supervisor will provide estimates of the cost of such work upon request.

No person other than cemetery employees will be allowed to disturb the sod on any lot or grave. Any other person desiring to do so must receive, in advance, written permission from the cemetery office. After flowerbeds are made ready for planting, the owner may set out their own flowers thereon. All flowers must be removed or cut down by October 15th, of each year to allow the cemetery department to clean up the lots. Flowers not removed by this date will be removed by cemetery personnel.

If plants are set out on a lot in an unsightly manner or are not properly cared for, the Cemetery Supervisor may cause them to be removed and the bed to be sodded over.

Decorations are allowed year round and must remain in the flower bed area.

The cemetery is cleared of all decorations on March 1st and October 15th of each year. Only one vase is allowed per grave and must be maintained flush with the ground. The Cemetery is not responsible for any damage to the vases.

All vases must remain in the flower bed area. Vases are not allowed in the grave area.

Glass Containers Are Not Allowed.

Rose Bushes Are Not Allowed.

Shepherd Hooks Exceeding 24 Inches Are Not Allowed.

Urns or benches are not allowed without written permission.

The cemetery authorities are not responsible for any damage to lots, or for flowers or articles removed from lots. Any such damage or loss should be reported to the Cemetery Supervisor, who will endeavor to discover the offender.

Trees and shrubs shall not be planted, removed, cut down or destroyed within the border of the cemetery without the prior written consent of the Cemetery Supervisor, Cemetery Board of Commissioners, or the Director of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services.

If anything is placed on any lot or grave which is offensive, may cause injury, or which violates any cemetery rules or regulations, it will be removed without notice.

All graves shall be level with the ground surface.

Planting on graves will be limited to the width of the headstone or monument, in a prepared flower bed, extending not more than 15 inches into the grave area, and provided the sod has been removed from the planting area.


Rules for Burials

Prior to any interment or entombment a permission for Burial of Human Remain form must be provided to the Cemetery Supervisor or assistant, the grave or crypt must be paid for, and other charges for services provided must be paid in full.

The Cemetery Supervisor, Cemetery Board of Commissioners or the City of Racine shall not be held responsible for any mistake occurring from the lack of prices and proper instructions for the particular space in a lot or crypt where interment is desired.

Prior to interment of a deceased who was not of the immediate family of the lot-owner(s), permission in writing from such owner(s) must be filed with the Cemetery Supervisor.

Only two (2) adult interments shall be allowed in any one grave. Up to three (3) cremated remains may be buried on top of an adult burial.

The Cemetery Supervisor or an assistant is required to be in attendance at every interment or entombment.

In case of emergency the Cemetery Supervisor should be contacted at (262) 636-9188

Orders for interment or entombments should be received and approved no less than twenty four (24) working hours before arrival time at the Cemetery. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Cemetery Supervisor.
No burials will be made on Sundays or legal Holidays, except as may be required by the Board of Health. In such event, the charges for opening and closing the grave or crypt shall be double that of the regular rate.


Rules for Monument Dealers

1. Great care should be taken in selecting designs for monuments and headstones. A monument should be designed with reference to its surroundings, consideration being given to the size and character of other monuments standing near it. Where a monument is to be placed on a lot, headstones, if used at all, should be made as low as possible to enhance the appearance of the lot and effect the monument.
2. Monument dealers are required to consult with the Cemetery Supervisor before selling a monument to ensure that it will not conflict with the orderly appearance and aesthetic value of the Cemetery.
3. If a monument is located in such a manner that it would interfere with the opening and closing of a grave or graves the owner may have to forfeit the use of such a grave or graves.
4. A monument shall be permitted on a lot consisting of at least five (5) side-by-side graves. Monuments shall be centered on five (5) or ten (10) grave lots. Established patterns within individual blocks must be adhered to.
5. All headstones must consist of one piece only, except standard bronze securely attached to a base of approved material is permissible. Headstones shall be not less than eight (8) nor more than sixteen (16) inches in height, and must be centered at the head of the grave involved. Only one (1) headstone shall be allowed per grave. Single headstones shall not exceed thirty (30) inches in length. Double headstones shall not exceed forty-eight (48) inches in length.
6. All headstones placed north of the storm line in Graceland Cemetery must be flush, except those in blocks 4, 5, 19, and 20 may be not more than four (4) inches above grade.
7. The bottom of monuments and headstones must be dressed to an even and level bed.
8. Headstones shall not be set in sockets or set with dowels.
9. Headstones and monuments shall not be placed on any grave or lot unless the grave or lot has been paid for in full.
10. Only granite or standard bronze shall be used for headstones and monuments. Bronze may be used only if securely attached to a base of approved material.
11. All monuments and headstones must have a foundation of screening gravel, of a depth and size approved by The Cemetery Supervisor.
12. Dealers' or manufacturers' cards or advertisements shall not be marked on any stone or placed anywhere within the cemetery.
13. Workers engaged in setting headstones and monuments shall provide suitable boards on the ground on which to move headstones, monuments or to run trucks over. Immediately after such job is finished all rubbish must be cleared away by said workers and the grounds left clean in good condition. Dealers or manufacturers shall repair or pay for the repair of any damage they cause to the cemetery.
14. The Cemetery Office must receive a footing order prior to or at the time of its respective stone delivery. Invoices for foundations installed by the Cemetery Department must be paid within thirty (30) days after billing.


Graceland Cemetery Headstones


Blocks  Singles 
1  Upright or Flush 

Upright or Flush 

4  4" Upright or Flush 
5  4" Upright or Flush 
6  Upright or Flush 
7  Granite only - Flush 
8  Upright or Flush 
8A  Upright or Flush 
9  Upright or Flush 
10  Upright or Flush 
11  Upright or Flush 
12  Upright or Flush 
14N  Flush 
14S  Upright or Flush 
15  Flush 
17  Upright or Flush 
18  Flush 
19  4" Upright or Flush 
20  4" Upright or Flush 
21  Upright or Flush 
22  Flush 


Mound Cemetery Headstones

Headstones and monuments of various shapes and designs are allowed in Mound Cemetery.
Persons wishing to place a headstone or monument in Mound Cemetery must first discuss the size and type of marker with the Cemetery Supervisor. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact the cemetery office for permission.




Any person desiring to erect a private mausoleum or vault shall, before commencing work on such construction, obtain the approval of the Board of Cemetery Commissioners, of the plans and specifications for such mausoleum or vault. And shall deposit with the City Treasurer a sum of money equal at least twenty (20) percent of the estimated cost of such vault into the Perpetual Care Fund. The income of the sums so deposited shall be used for the purpose of maintaining the vaults or mausoleums as needed.

Mausoleums or vaults built partially or entirely above the ground must be constructed of granite. When walls are 18 inches thick or less, the ashlar or other stones must be full thickness. In heavier walls every second course may be in two beds.

Duplicate keys for mausoleums must be left in care of the Cemetery Office.

Catacombs or crypts of approved material must be provided, so that entombment can be separately sealed.

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